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Consulting and design

and its collaborators have a proven experience gained in many countries in Africa, Middle East, Central and South America and Asia. Therefore, they can provide all the support required for emergency logistics to non-governmental organisations, civil institutions and organisations, cooperation partnerships, local and international humanitarian aid organisations and UN agencies.


  • supports routine and emergency humanitarian aid actions with supplies and logistics;
  • has developed specific professional expertise in the management of healthcare projects of any size and complexity as well as in the coordination of the multiple specialised activities and programs of modern healthcare;
  • has specialised in the setting up of hospitals, laboratories and universities thanks to a team of experts and project managers who have gained a wide experience all over the world. designs and manufactures patented prefabricated modular units for off-site construction and pre-assembled shelters intended for various civil applications.

The prefabricated modular units based on the & system are:

  • suitable to off-site construction
  • suitable to modular construction
  • suitable to MEP construction
  • reusable and redeployable
  • suitable to be equipped with and protect high-tech devices
  • fully movable intermodal and extremely flexible
  • easily and suitably usable in emergencies
  • environmentally-friendly
  • very helpful as a valuable support in all emergencies or projects all over the world.

La consolidata esperienza di e dei suoi collaboratori, maturata in molti paesi dell’Africa, Medio Oriente, Centro e Sud America e Asia, garantisce tutto il supporto necessario per la logistica in emergenza a ONG, Istituzioni e organizzazioni civili, associazioni per la cooperazione, organizzazioni locali e internazionali di aiuto umanitario e anche a tutte le agenzie delle Nazioni Unite.