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Hospital and health emergency supplies

First aid kits compliant with international regulations

delivers equipment and supplies for hospitals all over the world in emergencies, natural disasters and relief and humanitarian aid operations. The company is specialised in aid operations and support to supplies in emergencies in cooperation with international organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations and many other humanitarian organisations.

Supplies include:

  • Modules for homes and offices
  • First aid tents
  • First aid blankets
  • Cots
  • Kitchen sets
  • Windproof lanterns
  • Kerosene stoves
  • Impregnated mosquito nets (LLIN)
  • Field dry latrines
  • Shelter kits
  • Jerricans
  • Field wiring kits
  • Plastic sheets
  • Emergency medicine kits
  • First aid kits
  • Healthcare kits

Food products and any kind of foodstuff from emergency rations to food products to cook in field kitchens
Water purification systems