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has set up refugee camps, field hospitals and clinics, work camps, schools and teaching rooms in more than 40 countries on 5 continents, also in the most remote areas of the world, on behalf of:

  • International organisations involved in emergency, relief and international cooperation missions
  • Governmental and non-governmental (NGO) organisations and specialised organisations that coordinate and manage emergency support and humanitarian aid operations all over the world
  • Private companies operating in the field of civil infrastructure, oil and gas industry and building industry all over the world

In the healthcare sector, a surgery centre run by Emergency was set up for war victims in Gernada in Eastern Libya. In the second half of August 2015, set up in few days a prefabricated unit with the following functions: intensive care, two operating rooms, one sterilisation room, one laboratory, one radiological examination room, one dispensary and one emergency room. The project was launched by the Health Minister of the Tobruk government, which is the government recognised by the international community based in Al-Bayda, to assist the wounded in the fights between the various factions in the areas of Bengasi and Derna. The centre was run for more than one year by the non-governmental organisation 'Emergency'.

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