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The & modular prefabricated systems are fully equipped and can be used in any scenario where quick deployment of hard-walled systems is required for various purposes.

With more than 35 years of experience in the delivery of general-purpose or medical engineered shelter facilities and field health centres, can design, engineer and manufacture & structures for any emergency. Applications are manifold ranging from community centres, first aid facilities, screening stations and travelling clinics to travelling surgery centres and operating rooms, triage centres, reception units, radiological units, dentist' surgeries, laboratories, eye surgeries, intensive care units, delivery rooms, examination rooms and even fully equipped travelling healthcare centres.

The & (patented and approved by WFP and WHO) modular system is a system based on light prefabricated modules and strongly recommended by various UN agencies in all scenarios, where it can also be used as healthcare centre. The use of & ensures up to 30 years of operating efficiency and the system is very easy to assemble (just one day for simple layouts or few days for more complex projects, also depending on labour availability). This is an innovative and appropriate technology, which is increasingly recommended in difficult situations, emergencies and natural disasters. The advantage of prefabricated structures over tents is that they are more suitable to longer stays and more comfortable to work and live in. Furthermore, they provide more privacy and safety, including protection against bad weather, as well as more efficient heating and cooling systems. Lastly, the floor is not in contact with the ground, thus reducing the penetration of rainwater. The prefabricated modules can be divided into different spaces, thus ensuring more flexibility. Furthermore, they are as portable as tents whilst offering more comfort and safety to the staff and to their activities.